I recommend to invest japanese realestate for foreigners all over the world.

Let's start from €230,000(300,000usd)

How are you , I'm hiro.

And the president of real estate investment company around tokyo  "Life 1.co.ltd".

I'm very happy to see you on our website.


We're good at real estate investments.

-mainly residential.-

We are selling and buying and leasing the properties.

And we can manage foreign investor's properties.

There 're many apartments that have over 10% yield around tokyo.


-Did you know?

There are many countries where foriegners are prohibited  to buy realestate.

But  Foriegners  can buy and sell them anytime in japan!

Though you have to pay tax if you are live in another country,

you can start it soon without big regulations.

It isn't  well known !


You will know when you find your properties in tokyo or saitama pref.

Your dream life starts with us.


We support your real estate investments.

So, Let us know your dream !


For your reference-japan government  infomation-

click here  ↓


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